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February 03, 2009


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Hey there! Hope I’m not bothering you, and if I am…just hit that delete button :) I don’t mean to spam you, which is kind of what I’m doing but I mean no harm! My friend has launched a site called AFaithfulSoldier.com honoring our country’s military. Its basically a community for anyone related to or in the military and in it she sells Dog Tags (Personalized) for a great cause. 15% of all the sales goes to Soldier’s Angels charity which helps the families of people in the military or injured soldiers that come back.

Not trying to convince you to buy anything…BUT if you do have a free minute to take a look at the site and find that you like it...I was hoping and going out on a limb here to ask if you could perhaps place a link somewhere on your site or make some minor mention anywhere, it would be such a great help! Of course, in return I'll have your link added to the site as well. Also, Soldier’s Angels will be releasing a press release about AFaithfulSoldier, so it would be great to get as many supporters for this great cause as possible! Let me know your thoughts if you have any on the matter, and again, if I bothered you, I apologize!!! I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for a good cause. You have a great site btw, keep up the great work!

Site link: http://afaithfulsoldier.com/

Description: AFaithfulSoldier honors everyone in the US military all around the world. We sell personalized Dog tags, of which 15% of all proceeds goes to a notable charity- Soldier’s Angels (http://soldiersangels.org) which helps injured soldiers or families of those that lost their lives in the military.

Take care ;)



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