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November 13, 2009


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They do suck. I shipped a check to buy a car via "Express mail". It was guarenteed to be delivered on the 2nd day by 3:00PM. Which I considered pretty slow (they could not offer overnight service to Sedalia, MO). The tonight (Friday) I found it had not been delivered. It was labeled as "undeliverable as addressed". I called their CS to see what is going on. The rep. told me I had to call my local "express office" to get info about why it was undeliverable. She also informed me that they were closed for the night (they close at 4:30) and would be closed Sat, Sun, and Monday due to Martin Lither King day. So I can't even see what is going on until Tuesday. What a rip off!! I said this wouldn't have happened had I used UPS or FEDEX. Her response was I could fill out a form and apply for a refund that I likely wouldn't get. She then said "I appologize that you wrote the wrong address down". I got after her for that. I told her she had no idea it was wrong. Maybe usps sorting machines had smudged the ink on the label. She had no idea why it was undeliverable. She appologized and I hung up. That wouldn't happen with fedex or ups. I give up.


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